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Patient spokespersons for BC Womens Health Foundation

Background: While there’s increasing emphasis on women’s overall health outcomes… there is shockingly little time spent looking into how women feel about their healthcare here in BC.

So in September, we’re releasing a report that does just that. We heard what women had to say via surveys, focus groups, and looking at existing research.

Impact stories: While we have this research data ready to go, we’re now looking for women’s stories to add to the actual report. We’re really looking to keep their experience at the centre of the story we’re trying to tell. So we’re contacting people who have had their symptoms overlooked / diminished / misdiagnosed, essentially any woman who has experienced issues accessing the high quality healthcare they deserve.

Their involvement: Their story would be profiled as a small write-up in the printed report, on our website / social media, as well as potential media interviews (could be TV, radio or print). They’d see everything before it goes up. If you want an idea of what we’re getting at, check out the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Ms. Understood report (specifically pages 8, 9, 11, 14).

Key to a strong personal story:

  • Compelling (interesting/ emotive/ human interest angle)
  • The experience is current (not a healthcare issue they had in the distant past)
  • Strong storyteller
  • Willing to go on-camera
  • Based within commuting distance of Vancouver, for in-person interviews

Other involvement: Since we’re only looking for a few stories for the actual report, for those who don’t make it in / aren’t comfortable taking media interviews / aren’t available in September – we’d love to talk about working together on a “response” to the report, from their individual perspective, to post on social media the day we launch, Sept 9.

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The Injustices of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Canada

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