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Budget 2019: Ovarian Cancer Canada Welcomes Long-Sought Investments in Research Funding

CANADA – March 19, 2019 – Advocates who have been pressing for federal investments to address ovarian cancer are celebrating the Federal Budget announcement of $10 million for ovarian cancer research today.

“It’s an historic day for women with ovarian cancer, their families, and advocates,” says Elisabeth Baugh, CEO of Ovarian Cancer Canada. “We congratulate the federal government on the decision to invest in needed research which will translate into scientific progress against this disease. This announcement makes an important commitment to women’s health and equity in health care. This funding will help save lives.”

Each year, 2,800 Canadian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It remains the most fatal of gynecologic cancers in Canada – one out of two women diagnosed will not live five years past her diagnosis. These outcomes have seen little progress over the past five decades largely due to shortfalls in research funding. While people with breast cancer and prostate cancer have benefited from scientific advancements, women with ovarian cancer have few treatment options and these can run out quickly due to the high rate of recurrence.

“Research is the only way to stop this disease and some of the world’s most innovative and engaged ovarian cancer researchers are based here in Canada,” says Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden, Corinne Boyer Chair in Ovarian Cancer Research, University of Ottawa. “With this funding, we can advance understanding of this complex disease to enable prevention and more effective treatments, and ultimately to improve survival. This investment is welcome news for Canadian women and their families.”

Ovarian Cancer Canada, together with leading scientists and people living with ovarian cancer, has been urging federal decision-makers to provide an immediate and additional research investment of $10 million. Moreover, Ovarian Cancer Canada would like to see that investment support a more coordinated approach to research in the areas of experimental models, treatments, and clinical trials, thus paving the way for new and significant medical breakthroughs for women affected.

“I’ve been living with ovarian cancer since 2006 and working as an advocate for ovarian cancer for more than 10 years,” says Donna Pepin. “Today I am hopeful for ovarian cancer patients everywhere and what this investment can mean for all of us. Canadians deserve this important investment in women’s health and in saving lives.”
“I’m proud of collective community efforts that have helped to drive today’s funding announcement. Together, we’re ready to turn the tide on a disease that has been long overlooked despite unacceptably high mortality rates,” adds Baugh. “Now, we look forward to meeting and working in partnership with the Government of Canada to help women live fuller, better, longer lives.”

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About Ovarian Cancer Canada Ovarian Cancer Canada champions the health and well-being of women with ovarian cancer and others at risk of this disease while advancing research to save lives. Ovarian Cancer Canada’s vision is that women with ovarian cancer, and all women at risk of the disease, live fuller, better, longer lives and is the only registered Canadian charity solely dedicated to overcoming ovarian cancer.


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