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Now there’s twice the reason to fundraise in support of the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope. For a limited time, donations you collect will be matched by the husband and son of a woman who was affected by ovarian cancer. Wishing to remain anonymous, these donors have generously agreed to support the Walk to a maximum of $15,000 this week, and their contribution depends on your fundraising.

Register today to get in on the action, because the funds you raise this week will have double the impact on the lives

Last year’s Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope marked the launch of OVdialogue, an online community where women with ovarian cancer can connect with one another from across the miles to ask questions, give and get advice.

Funds raised by the Walk help keep vital lifelines like this one available around the clock. Just ask Sheri Roberts. When she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she considered opting out of treatment on account of potential side effects. But she joined OVdialogue and her mind soon changed.

“I started hearing back from women who had gone through treatment, and it gave me the assurance that I could too,” says Sheri. “Once the decision was made, I followed my gut to determine what was right for me, particularly when it came to naturopathic medicine. My husband and the women I met helped give me the courage to do so.”

Today Sheri is cancer free. She and her husband Paul recently dressed up as Superwoman and Batman to ring in the end of treatment. “Superheroes have strength and courage, just like people who are facing a diagnosis or supporting a loved one.

The idea of chemo scared me, but I decided to face my fear, just as superheroes do.”

Join Sheri and Paul at the Walk to help women with ovarian cancer live fuller, better and longer lives.


For real-time updates about the Walk in your area and to connect with your fellow participants, RSVP to your Walk event page on Facebook.

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