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Caregiver Stress Test

The following test will help you become aware of your feelings and the pressures and stress you currently feel.



Responses are:

1 = Seldom  2 = Sometimes  3 = Often  4 = Usually  5 = Always

__________ I find I can’t get enough rest.

__________ I don’t have enough time for myself.

__________ I don’t have time to be with other family members

besides the person I care for.

__________ I feel guilty about my situation.

__________ I don’t get out much anymore.

__________ I have conflict with the person I care for.

__________ I have conflicts with other family members.

__________ I cry every day.

__________ I worry about having enough money to make ends meet.

__________ I don’t feel I have enough knowledge or

experience to give care as well as I’d like.

__________ My own health is not good.

If your response to two or more of these areas is “Always”, or “Usually” or “Often” it may be time to look for help with caring for your family member and making time to take care of yourself as well. Call Family Caregivers of BC’s toll-free Caregiver Support Line at 1 877 520 3267 or visit http://www.familycaregiversbc.ca for more information and resources.

Adapted from Robert S. Stall, M.D. (2002) Caregiver’s Handbook Buffalo, New York. 




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