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Memory Attention and Adaptation Training

Are you noticing problems or changes with short term memory, word recall, concentration, or multit-tasking since chemotherapy? The Memory Attention Training Program is one of a few cancer specific cognitive skill groups offered in North America and includes eight, one-hour group sessions that provide:

  • Education: how memory and attention works and how this can be impacted by treatment
  • Self Awareness: learning to identify the type and nature of memory problems you experience
  • Stress Management: learning how to prevent and cope with stress which can make your memory/attention worse
  • Memory and Attention Self Management Skills: learning skills to prevent and reduce memory and attention failures at home, work, and school

For more details and to learn who this program is suitable for please see the poster below.

Sessions run from October 11-November 29, 2017. The sessions take place on Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30. To register, please call 604-877-6000 ext. 672194



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