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University of Guelph: 3TSR Inhibitor in Chemo Delivery

With support from Ovarian Cancer Canada, researchers at Guelph are focusing on a potential breakthrough against ovarian cancer.

See the article at the University of Guelph here.


From the article:

“We hope that this study will lead to novel treatment approaches for women diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer,” said Jim Petrik, a Guelph biomedical sciences professor.

His recent study focuses on a portion of a naturally occurring protein inhibitor molecule called 3TSR. It interacts with another protein found on the surface of endothelial cells, reducing abnormal tumor angiogenesis.

“We also made the surprising discovery that 3TSR causes ovarian cancer cells to die through a direct inhibitory effect against the tumour itself,” Petrik said.

Giving 3TSR to patients with advanced-stage ovarian cancer would help patients in two ways, Petrik said. “With this novel approach, we were able to both shrink the tumor and enhance the ability of the tumor to take up chemotherapy drugs.”

More efficient drug delivery also means doctors can administer lower amounts of chemotherapy, alleviating many of the side effects, he said.


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