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AstraZeneca: Participants needed for ovarian cancer patient study

Please contact tkolwich@ovariancanada.org to register or for more information.



Beyond delivering therapy that will be of benefit to these women, AstraZeneca is sponsoring a study in order to learn how they can also play a role in improving women’s experience of BRCA testing and provide overall support around ovarian cancer.

In order for them to better understand what are truly the support and testing needs of women who are BRCAm positive or may be at risk of the BRCA gene mutation, it will be essential to learn about the real, lived experiences of women who have decided to either undergo BRCA testing or decided against it.

With your help in connecting us with women who have ovarian cancer across Canada, we feel we can meet the essential goal of supporting women’s needs as the ovarian cancer treatment and testing landscape evolves in the future.


Project details:

  • The privacy of all participants is completely secure; their private information will not be shared at any time with the sponsoring organization.
  • Women who qualify and participate will receive compensation for their time and effort.
  • All study activities may be done in the comfort of the woman’s home – there is no need for travel.
  • The study will ask participants to complete a 5 day journal (done over the course of 7 days, so there are the opportunities to take breaks) in which they can share their experiences with ovarian cancer. Participants will be compensated $500.
  • A selection of respondents may be asked to participate in a 60 minute follow-up telephone interview, for which they would be compensated an extra $100.
  • The women conducting the interviews are professional moderators with many years of experience working with patients in a wide range of therapeutic areas. They are highly attuned to sensitivities with regards to ovarian cancer patients.
  • The professional moderators work for an independent research organization and are not employees of the sponsoring organization.
  • There will be no attempts to sell or promote any product or service to participants during the course of the study.
  • Respect for the time, dedication, wellbeing and privacy of women who participate is of the utmost importance. In both the journal and interview portions of the study, women can share as little or as much as they like – it will be made clear that there will be no obligation to discuss anything uncomfortable or too difficult for them.
  • Specifically, we are seeking women with ovarian cancer who either:

– Received a BRCA test and tested positive for the BRCAm

– Received a BRCA test and tested negative for the BRCAm

– Were referred to a Genetic Counselor for a BRCA risk counseling and testing, but decided not to take the test

– Had their Oncologist suggest they pursue BRCA testing, but they decided not to pursue the testing



Both English and French speaking participants will be accepted.

Please click the link below and contact the rep in your region.



If you have any questions call Tracy at Ovarian Cancer Canada  tkolwich@ovariancanada.org


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