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Accelerating type-specific ovarian carcinoma research

Calculator for Ovarian Subtype Prediction (COSP) is a reliable high-throughput tool for case review

Aims The recent recognition that ovarian carcinoma is composed of five distinct disease entities has served to increase the value of accurate histotyping. Reliable identification of histotypes is essential for the success of studies testing novel therapeutics as well as for biomarker discovery research. The aim of this study was to examine the utility of a nine-marker immunohistochemical (IHC) panel, designated the “Calculator for Ovarian Subtype Prediction (COSP)” to reliably reproduce the consensus diagnosis of two expert gynaecological pathologists.

Methods 423 cases from the AGO-OVAR11 trial were evaluated using the COSP IHC panel, and compared to original diagnoses from >100 local contributing pathologists and independent expert gynecopathology review.

Results The overall concordance between COSP and expert review was 89%, in cases where a local pathologists’ diagnosis was confirmed by COSP, the expert gynecopathologist also agreed in 97.5% of cases.

Conclusions The incorporation of COSP into a high throughput diagnostic review algorithm, will decrease the need for expert review by identifiying a small number of difficult cases that truly require expert review. This modification will serve to increase the efficiency of the diagnostic review process, which will likely serve to reduce operational costs and expedite translational studies on ovarian carcinoma.


S Kommoss, C. B Gilks, F Kommoss, C Chow, F Hilpert, A du Bois, M Köbel, D.G Huntsman, M Anglesio, S.E Kalloger, J Pfisterer


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