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Great Books and Resources Worth Reading – June 2013


We hope this regional recommended reading list will assist you finding information about living with cancer.

If you have read books that you would like to share with other readers, please be in touch. The resources we profile will be available for loan via our resource library in our Vancouver office.

Full Catastrophe Living – Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain and Illness  – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Based on Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn’s mindfulness-based stress reduction program, this book shows you how to use natural methods to soothe your body, mind, and spirit.

By using the practices described within, you can learn to manage chronic pain resulting from illness and/or stress related disorders…discover the roles that anger and tension play in heart disease… reduce anxiety and feelings of panic…improve overall quality of life and relationships through mindfulness meditation and mindful yoga.


A copy of this book is available in our regional resource library. Please contact 1 800 749 9310.

For those with e-readers, local community libraries may have copies available for free download.

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