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Since my last post in August 2012, I’ve been enjoying life – one day at a time.  Holding my breath, just a little bit before each 3 month check-up.  I just had my 1 year after chemo check-up on March 13 and I am still a 12!  (CA125 = 12)  A big sigh of relief banishing my worries for another 3 months.  I am back at work and while the first weeks were really tough – I just wasn’t ‘into it’ as they say – it has gotten easier.  It’s nice to concentrate on normal day to day life again.  My new motto for 2013 is:

I’m in remission and I need a commission!  Humour is healing!

Briefly, I went back to Ontario in September with my sisters to put my Dad’s ashes in a closet – actually called a niche.  Some tears and lots of laughter too.  We watched all of our childhood slides that Dad took over the years especially when we were young.  What great memories!  What terrible hair and clothing!  Yikes!  Then Roland and I spent a week at our friends’ beautiful townhome on the Big Island of Hawaii.  It was so generous of them to offer it to us – thanks John and Penny!  We invited my friend Jill and her husband, Greg to join us – it was my way of saying thank you to Jill for looking after my business for all of those months.  We had a great time and visited Kiholo Bay where Denise and Grant wrote a my blog name with white lava rocks.  We couldn’t find the message but we wrote a new one.  The turtles were present.  Magic.  Then I wanted to take a ‘bucket list’ trip.  Somewhere really special that would be meaningful and exciting.  We chose to go to Ecuador – Quito, the Galapagos Islands and the Ecuadorian Amazon.  It was THE MOST AMAZING TRIP EVER!

Blue footed Booby

Blue footed Booby

Baby Sea Lion - Galapagos

Baby Sea Lion – Galapagos

Human blue footed booby

Human blue footed booby

Watching Albatross flying off the cliff - Espanola, Galapagos

Watching Albatross flying off the cliff – Espanola, Galapagos

I am really loving every minute of our Spring.  It’s a warm and sunny one and I relish every new bird chirping, the crocuses are finally poking through the dull, brown earth and last year’s leaves.  We’re going to go for a spring ski up the mountain tomorrow with friends.  Life is Good!

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