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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program

 Mindfulness refers to the practice of directing awareness, in the form of non-judgmental attention, to that which arises, moment by moment, in lived experience. Over 25 years of studies have demonstrated that MBSR is helpful in relieving stress in day to day life and its use as an oncology intervention is growing. Through mindfulness practice we may come to understand the process and context of shifting thoughts and feelings. This particular way of paying attention to process can foster compassion, evoke a greater sense of grace and ease in life and can lead to a deeper connection with ourselves and with others. One can cultivate new skills in facing difficult challenges such as illness, pain and loss more effectively thus strengthening innate capacities for healing. This practice can bring us a refined ability to discern and discard unhelpful patterns of relation to ourselves and to others with mindfulness as our companion.

For more information about this program, which is held several times a year, please contact: Patient and Family Counselling Services, Vancouver Cancer Centre, BCCA (604) 877-6000

Poster:Vancouver-Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program


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